It was like a peaceful ceremony. My first experience with Reiki, Nichola greets me with a warm cup of tea and few words exchange to settle me done. I lie on the bed and feel the energy flow on me. Sometimes there is a space pull out the tension from my body, sometimes there is a weight and warmth made me grounded. I feel peaceful and well taken care of like a new born baby.

C.W. Cheng

Magical yoga experience, the class that I am waiting for all week. Thank you for your work.

N. Kvist

Nichola gav mig fantastisk fin yoga när jag var gravid med mitt fjärde barn och hade mycket ont i ryggen. Jag hade ont när jag gick dit, men jag gick där ifrån med lätta steg ❤️

I tried Yoga for the first time with Nichola. After my first yoga class I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked the different postures, the flow and the intensity.

B. Falcones